Friday, 4 April 2014

Figurative Language

Hello everybody, long time haven't post in this gloomy blog.
O.K, let's come right to the topic, this time I would like to talk about Figurative Languages.
Actually, figurative language is the way you state or write something in a different and unique way to make your words become more interesting.
Some type of figurative language are :
Simile : comparing two different thing, usually connected by using word " as" or "like." For example, "the way he spoke as warm as a cup of coffee".
Metaphor : Methaphor is quite similiar with simile. But, here we state something as if it was something else, usually connected by using word " is, are". For example, "you are my life", "he is a monster".
Hyperbole : Using big exaggeration in saying something. For example, " I catch the ball, I almost die when I knew I did it."
Personification : Giving human character to an object. For example, "The wind whispered me your name."
Alliteration : A repetation, of initial letter, words or group of sound. For example. "she sells sea shells by sea shore."
Onomatopoeia : Imitating sound made by object or natural sound. For example. " crack, boom, pow."

O.k guys, I hope you all get some good impact from this post.
Thanks for visiting my blog and bye. :)