Sunday, 21 October 2018

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Friday, 4 April 2014

Figurative Language

Hello everybody, long time haven't post in this gloomy blog.
O.K, let's come right to the topic, this time I would like to talk about Figurative Languages.
Actually, figurative language is the way you state or write something in a different and unique way to make your words become more interesting.
Some type of figurative language are :
Simile : comparing two different thing, usually connected by using word " as" or "like." For example, "the way he spoke as warm as a cup of coffee".
Metaphor : Methaphor is quite similiar with simile. But, here we state something as if it was something else, usually connected by using word " is, are". For example, "you are my life", "he is a monster".
Hyperbole : Using big exaggeration in saying something. For example, " I catch the ball, I almost die when I knew I did it."
Personification : Giving human character to an object. For example, "The wind whispered me your name."
Alliteration : A repetation, of initial letter, words or group of sound. For example. "she sells sea shells by sea shore."
Onomatopoeia : Imitating sound made by object or natural sound. For example. " crack, boom, pow."

O.k guys, I hope you all get some good impact from this post.
Thanks for visiting my blog and bye. :)

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Bukittinggi Tourism

Bukittinggi is one of many destination city by almost people. Many people from domestic until international visited this city because many tour place. Its also support by their weather which cool and fresh that make every tourist to be pedestrian.

You must know Almost of tourism place here are relic of history from Japanese and Netherlands like Fort De Kock Castle, Japanese Cave, Limpapeh Bridge, Bukittinggi Zoo, and Jam Gadang is one of all that has three shape of their top. It because Jam Gadang has build and changes in three generation. So, JAm gadang is the most populer history relic and now become the centre of this city.

Are you curious?

Monday, 23 December 2013


Guys,I've just tried to challange my self to listen to a difficult stage of generel listening quizz of I already listen to 4 audio and did the excercise, but I'm dissapointed about the score, I just got 80,80,60,60 for each audio. I need to learn more I think. :(

New Nice Learning Site

Hello, so long have not post in this blog, I'm back.. :)
By the way, I've just found a nice source to improve your English, the website is, this site is very good for learn English. It can be use to improve your listening, writing and also your reading ( pronunciation) skill. I've heard some material from this blog, it's about the importance of washing hand and also about the infect of loneliness to social networks, you can try this website, it was very good website. :)

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Audio and Video Review ( Bookstore VS Schoolarship )

Tonight I'll share about a video titled ' Bookstore Shopping' from This video is about son an father's conversation. The son said to his dad that he will buy some stuff from bookstore. In fact, he also bought some gadget like phone and Ipad. His father wondered about how he pay those gadget. And in fact his son has take his credit card to pay those gadget.

The second one is an audio from the same website. This video is about a student who miss his test because of coming late. He lied to the lecture by blaming other things to make the lecture give him another chance. But it's just put him to a worse condition. The lecture failed him for the subject. So, you can learn something from this post " my name ". LOL.
I have done the exercise from and I got 100 for both of the topic.
If you want to try your score or if you want to see or hear the video and audio, please click here for the video, and here for the audio.

Monday, 2 December 2013

Wedding Anniversary ( Understanding Audio )

Well this is the last post for tonight. Oh, finally I finish it. Well, this audio is taken from titled wedding anniversary. The audio is about anniversary of a couple's wedding and the husband always forgot the date of their anniversary ( I think most of man is very bad in remembering important moment). And the wife want a luxury anniversary as the negotiation for that man mistake and also buying her some new house tools and also new dress. So, this is how woman make revenge to the mistake made by man i think. This is a nice and funny conversation, you can listen to it and do  the exercise to see how much is your understanding. I got 100 by the way, very happy to have that score. Click here to see the video. Well, I'll post next Monday at night. See you. Psstt.. I'll go to bed and I hope I can get a new nice vacation an luxury stuff too as revenge. LOL  ^_^