Monday, 25 November 2013

Phrasal Verbs in English Conversation

      Well, let's learn a little about phrasal verbs in english conversation, you can watch video by anglo-link for further understanding, please click to see the video. Now, let's start learn some phrasal verbs above :

  • called off => cancel
  • put off => postpone
  • taken up => occupied
  • show up => make an appearance
  • mess up => ruin
  • worked up => angry
  • taken over => bought
  • lay off => make redundant
  • end up => final result
  • put up with => tolerate
  • come up with => find

In the video you will find some explain with some examples and exercise as well as the answer.

Difference British and American in Pronouncing English

Now, I will share about some different way of American and British in pronouncing some word for further understanding, please learn through this video from a youtube account, Anglo-link. Well, here's some differences of American and British English  pronouncing some words :
* R

  •  When letter "r" were in the initial or in the middle position, there were a huge difference of American and British pronounce 
  •  When the letter "r" were in the middle or at the end of word, in a monosyllabic word and after a vowel, British tend to drop it, but in American English there's no difference. 
* T

  • British : letter " t " is always pronounce as [ t ]
  • American : drop the " t" in the final position ( e.g table, attain, what, cut, etc. )  , sometimes change into [d] when "t" were in the middle position when its between two vowel or between "r" and the vowel ( e.g Saturday , what about, party , etc) , sometimes "t" drop after an "n" (e.g centre, interview, internet, etc. )
* Some other common word pronounce different way between American and British are : z, new, adult, brochure, garage, etc. 

      For better understanding, I suggest you guys to learn by watching the video, click HERE to watch the video.

UFO : A Story to Remember ( Understanding Audio )

This audio is about a man who called an officer to report about seeing an UFO ship and meeting aliens after attending a party on the way back to his house. The audio is from , you can listen to the conversation and doing the exercise after listen to it, I've listen and do the exercise and got 80 point, so why don't you try your ability.? To hear the audio please click this linkEnjoy the audio. ^_^

Monday, 18 November 2013

Collage Roommate Video Description ( Understanding a Video )

      In this occasion, I will share my understanding about the content of a video. I've got it from titled Collage Roommates. This video is about two men's conversation of the first man ( I just named him Blaster ) and the second man ( I just named him Curly ) about the advertisement posted by Blaster to find a new roommate, but he has some bad habits and Curly advice him to make a mature change if he want to get a roommate.
     And here, I also add what I catch from the video about their conversation :

Blaster : Urgghh... It's good to be up. What a beautiful morning.
Curly    : Err.. It's a quarter to two, it's not the morning at all. What are you                doing in the kitchen anyway?
Blaster : Well, I'm going to make breakfast and check my e-mail to see if                    anyone has responded to my advertisement for a new roommate.
Curly    : Right... hahaha.. right...
Blaster : What did you mean "right"?
Curly    : Well, listen. Who is gonna live with you? You even can't take care of              your self.
Blaster : What are you talking about? I get up early every morning at 6.00 
Curly    : Err.. And about 6 hours to that?
Blaster : And..I always make new choices meals.
Curly    : Err.. I don't think Mc. Donalds big max in price count.
Blaster : And.. I keep my room very tidy.
Curly    : Err... I think I saw some of dishes, empty pizza boxes, and some                  real dirty shirt under your bed.
Blaster : And.. I go to bed at a very early hour.
Curly    : Do you call midnight early? Listen, keep it up! Unless you make                      some mature changes in your life, your only company will be your pet              fish roof.

       There also a life lesson from the video, we can learn that we should make some mature changes in our life to make everybody like to be in our side. That's all to share for today, I hope everybody get some useful things from this post and please comment if there's something useful to repair the minus of this blog. Thanks for visiting. ^_^