Sunday, 8 December 2013

Audio and Video Review ( Bookstore VS Schoolarship )

Tonight I'll share about a video titled ' Bookstore Shopping' from This video is about son an father's conversation. The son said to his dad that he will buy some stuff from bookstore. In fact, he also bought some gadget like phone and Ipad. His father wondered about how he pay those gadget. And in fact his son has take his credit card to pay those gadget.

The second one is an audio from the same website. This video is about a student who miss his test because of coming late. He lied to the lecture by blaming other things to make the lecture give him another chance. But it's just put him to a worse condition. The lecture failed him for the subject. So, you can learn something from this post " my name ". LOL.
I have done the exercise from and I got 100 for both of the topic.
If you want to try your score or if you want to see or hear the video and audio, please click here for the video, and here for the audio.