Monday, 2 December 2013

Wedding Anniversary ( Understanding Audio )

Well this is the last post for tonight. Oh, finally I finish it. Well, this audio is taken from titled wedding anniversary. The audio is about anniversary of a couple's wedding and the husband always forgot the date of their anniversary ( I think most of man is very bad in remembering important moment). And the wife want a luxury anniversary as the negotiation for that man mistake and also buying her some new house tools and also new dress. So, this is how woman make revenge to the mistake made by man i think. This is a nice and funny conversation, you can listen to it and do  the exercise to see how much is your understanding. I got 100 by the way, very happy to have that score. Click here to see the video. Well, I'll post next Monday at night. See you. Psstt.. I'll go to bed and I hope I can get a new nice vacation an luxury stuff too as revenge. LOL  ^_^